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  • When providing a proposal for a tree removal, our arborists also evaluate the site for stump grinding. While having the stump ground is not always necessary, many people prefer to deal with the stump

  • A customized property clean-up from Your Tree Services can help you get the most out of your landscape's spring growth and beauty. From removing old debris, trimming bushes, trimming palms

  • Our main services are tree removal, tree trimming, and stump grinding. We do landscape tear outs, property preservation , land clearing and reclaiming. certified arborist tree service Orlando Longwood Windermere

  • Besides merely making a lot safer for people, it also adds useable space , land clearing makes properties more aesthetically pleasing. Often, empty lots accumulate trash, and neglected shrubs

  • Tree risk assessment is the systematic process used to identify, analyze, and evaluate tree risk. By identifying tree risk before and after a storm event, mitigation can be conducted to reduce risk

  • During a tree structure evaluation, your arborist will look for symptoms of decay, weakly attached branches, cracks, and splits, poor architecture, saturated soils, and root problems. Some of these defects are obvious

  • Pruning a tree can have many benefits. The first and most important is keeping the people around it safe. A dead branch can fall from a tree at any time, endangering nearby people, buildings, and power lines.

  • Proper tree trimming and pruning is important for several reasons. You should trim and prune trees primarily for safety and tree health reasons, followed by aesthetics. Removing branches that could potentially

  • Tree removal is usually a last resort, when there is no other safe management option, Dead, dying or otherwise hazardous trees can lead to thousands of dollars in damage, plus the priceless cost of personal injury.

About Us

Licensed, Insured With
Workman’s Comp

Proper tree services necessary to keep your trees and shrubs looking their best., LLC is your local tree care company specializing in tree removal, tree trimming and stump grinding services based out  Longwood, FL serving Orlando, Seminole County and surrounding areas.

Our licensed and insured arborist can assess your tree concerns and handle even your most challenging tree problems safely. Whether your job is big or small, residential or commercial or simple or complex, count on YTS to complete it on time, within budget and to your complete satisfaction.


Frequently Asked Question

The only people who will work on your landscape are KO Home Landscape Template employees. Our team members have experience and horticultural backgrounds, and we will all be familiar with your landscape needs.

We have all necessary licenses for our area, and we carry insurance for all of our projects.
Some larger construction projects require special licenses and certifications. We have trusted members of the landscaping community that we work with for those special cases.

We can do all kinds of landscaping, but our specialty is in mixing non-native and native plants to make a landscape that meets your needs and fits the ecology of our area

What Our Clients Say


  • Second time using them and they never disappoint. Excellent and prices are exceptional. Cleaning up is perfect, and they certainly know what they are doing. Beautiful job again trimming our huge trees.
    R Nelson
  • I had these guys come back to cut down another problem oak tree, and stump grinding, and just as they did 2 weeks earlier, these guys are without question, the BEST in the business. You will NOT be disappointed if you hire them, their Professionalism & Customer Service is a model that ALL companies should adopt! Thank You again! John (owner) & John (estimator) and the ENTIRE team @ Your Tree Services are nothing short of amazing. These guys were on time, professional and did an amazing job removing a 40-50 year old problem oak tree. They worked like surgeons to remove it and grind out the stump perfectly! They did all this without any huge equipment that could cause more damage, the equipment they used was the size of a larger lawn tractor. When they finished removing the tree, they replanted several small plants that had to be removed to access the large oak, they cleaned up everything perfectly, as if nothing was every touched! I will definitely have them back again!! Thanks again to Your Tree Services
    Mike Bernard
  • Using this tree service was one of my best decisions. I got their name from my neighbor who had used them. Professional, great price, excellent work. Cleanup was unbelievably good. They are my go to tree service from now on. Thanks Jon and crew for all your hard work.
    Tim Jones
  • John and his crew were very professional and were able to take 4 old Laurel oaks down, grind the stumps and clean everything up in 1 day. I really appreciate the quality of work and will definitely call him again when we need more done.
    Jane Claus
  • They did a great job with trimming a large laurel oak we have in the backyard. They were on time and we did a walk through of the work to include cleanup. They were also $500 less than a competing quote so there was no comparison in cost.
    Pete Desjardins
  • I join with everyone who gives a 5^+! I sent the company an email over a weekend, Jon (owner) called me on the next business day - Monday, the other John visited the site on Tuesday (owner had COVID or he would have come) and by Thursday afternoon everything was completed and cleaned up and stump ground. The job involved removing two large oaks and trimming others damaged by fire when house burned down I didn't get any other estimates but IMO the cost seemed very reasonable. And it couldn't have been done any more timely -- and they even did it without my supervision! 🙂 Highly recommend. Many, many thanks, Jon, John and crew (that I didn't meet!)
    Frank McMillan
  • The crew is very efficient, starting with Jon. I feel I was in very capable and reliable hands. They knew exactly what they were doing. Everybody knew his role during the entire project. Some members are friendly and are fond of sharing their knowledge about trees, lawns, and caring tips. I feel I spent a lot of money getting two trees removed, but if that can buy me peace of mind for now and for the long run, it's well worth it. I am glad that I used Your Tree Services and Jon's team to do the job.
    Rainbow Zabronsky
  • John and his team did a GREAT JOB at a fair price, great quality work, cleaned up and exceeded expectations!! Thank you to Your Tree Services!!
    Sydney Hesman
  • Jon and his crew are excellent. Can't say enough. Thorough, extremely competent, professional, quick and courteous and reasonably priced. No other way to put it. Definitely 5 stars. I had a big job involving 2 large trees that were unsafe and needed removal. They breezed through the job without a hitch. I felt like they could have done it in their sleep. I had interviewed approximately 8 other tree services and they got my business. I watched them work from start to finish and I was amazed how efficient they were. Highly recommended.
    joseph iuzzolino
  • I used Jon from Your Tree Services at my old house and he did a fantastic job. So good that we invited him back to our new house to make that safe too. These guys are professional and know what they are doing. Customer service has always been excellent and I always feel fully informed about what they are doing and why. I'd reccomend these guys to anyone, and I will for sure be using them again next time i need tree work. Thanks guys!
    Kellie Warren
  • I am not a customer but I used to be an employee, this service was the best I have ever worked at. They have impeccable timing and work ethic and John is a wholesome and helpful person. I could always count on him for advice or financial help at any time. I've gained so much from my time working with this service that I can't explain it in words.
    duncan ferrell
  • Jon responded immediately to my mother's request for an estimate. He arrived on time and his estimate was very reasonable compared to the others she received. He provided expert information as an arborist without being pushy. The crew were prompt, professional, friendly, careful, and thorough. They even found a mango seedling growing from a compost pile in their way, and relocated it to protect it from damage while they worked. We are happy with the service we received and look forward to recommending Your Tree Services to others.
    Roxanne Caloza
  • They are very professional, work efficiently, are courteous, and perform excellent clean up. I have used them three times for trimming Oak trees, palms, and Bird of Paridise, as well as reducing the size of huge schefflara plants and removal of hedges. An excellent job in all cases.
    Patricia Rogers
  • I have 5 large oaks at the front corner that appeared to be unhealthy, to me. I originally scheduled a tree evaluation first. Your Tree Services LLC was listed as the only licensed arborist in Longwood performing tree evaluations on the state arborist professional organization. Jon came by and helped me understand the exact type of oak and actual expected condition of the trees. With the tree health reassurance I went ahead and requested a quote for trimming. The quote was very competitive and reasonable. I never mentioned clean up beyond removal of the trimmed sections, but I came home to find the property “swept” clean. Roof tree litter was removed, no evidence of work in the yard, no damage to property, and now over a week later I’ve had no complaints from neighbors regarding damage or inconvenience. Trees look great, we’re very happy with the work. I originally expected a sales pitch but Jon was honest and did a great job.
    lola lili
  • We contacted Your Tree Services regarding some tree work that needed done around our home. The owner Jon came out to take a look and walked us through what he recommended to be done. Jon and his guys did an awesome job in a professional manner with no issues. We highly recommend this company and will definitely use them again.
    Brandon Gillespie
  • We bought our house and had a tree dangerously close to the foundations. Jon and his team were able to not only make time for us, but get it done quickly and efficiently. They also took care of some maintenance on our existing trees we wanted to keep. The interactions were great and professional and I recommend them to everyone!
    Kirstin Baker
  • John and his team were a pleasure to work with! They arrived on time each day, were all extremely polite, did a phenomenal job cutting down and removing stumps of 7 trees and cleaning up the rest of the yard! Will definitely use again in the future for any tree needs I may have! Great price, great service, great experience!
    Alison Potokin
  • I would recommend this company because their estimator is friendly, willing to work with you and the owner does the work himself wanting to make sure his company is well represented (not afraid to get his hands dirty). A crew of five showed up to my house to trim a huge palm and a few scruffy other branches from a tree close to the palm. The crew were all in it together, every man pulling his weight. The job was completed in a very short time, cleanup done and off they went after I handed them each a piece of homemade banana bread fresh out of the oven. For certain I would use their services the next time I need tree work done. Thank you!
    Debbie McClellan
  • Excellent service, price & professionalism from Your Tree Services! I will recommend them to everyone I know. I was amazed at how organized and fast they were. Very happy with Jon's estimate (best out of 3 that I got) and his crew did an awesome job in trimming my trees & the clean up afterwards. They arrived on time & the price was what was quoted to me in my free estimate. I couldn't have asked for a better job. Well done Jon and crew! And thank you so very much.
    Don Mettendorf
  • Your tree services, is the best around! I called johnathan the owner who is also a certified arborists! He showed up on time as we discussed. Educated me on what my trees needed an what would be best for my trees. His price was fair an well within my budget. We scheduled the work an his team of employees did a outstanding job. I would recommend your tree services to everyone. Thank you again Jon!!
    robert sackett
  • Your Tree Services provided the best tree removal and service that there is. We live in Jacksonville, Fl and Jon and his crew were the best estimate and price around. We had major tree removal done and the team did a wonderful job. They did all cleanup and left our place clean. Matt - the climber was amazing, Jami , Martin and Christian were the crew. So thankful for them and definitely a 5 star rating. #YTS#1
    Julie McDonald
  • The performance and skill of Your Tree Service Exceeded Expectations! I had 100 plus trees that needed work, it had been ten years since their last major pruning. Your Tree Service trimmed, sculpted, cut deadwood and yes wait for it....removed a ton of moss choking out my oaks. Exceptional value for the time and work it took to complete this large job. Each member on the team was a dream to work with as professional tree health experts. Daily they were on time and cleaned up better than your mother would have!
    Kathy Phillips
  • I hired Your Tree Services to cut down three trees. They responded on time and were very professional. They strategically removed each limb without damaging the surrounding area. They also were very good about cleaning the area when they were done. I would confidently recommend them for any tree service that is needed knowing it will be done with their expert knowledge and professionalism.
    joe hart
  • I called Your Tree Services after calling other tree services and received an immediate response in regard to an estimate for tree trimming. Within one day , John the owner, came to my home and provided me with a fair and written estimate for the work to be done. He was very knowledgeable and professional. When I called to schedule, they were also professional and we scheduled an appointment. The crew showed up early, competed the task on time and did an amazing job. They also did a fantastic job with clean up. I was very impressed. I highly recommend Your Tree Services for any of you tree trimming needs!!!
    Daniel Shay
  • Your Tree Services really impressed me! An Oak tree in my backyard snapped in half and crushed my fence. I received estimates from three different tree removal companies and Your Tree Services was the most affordable, by far. They were here right when they said they’d be. They were professional and polite on the first phone call, estimate-visit, and during the removal itself. They came prepared and had good equipment. They were careful and cautious around power lines and both houses. They worked as a cohesive unit to cut down the rest of the diseased oak, ground the stump, and hauled Everything away. They were just plain good guys who really know how to do their jobs well. Best price (by ALOT) and excellent work! They made a bad situation Soooo much better!
    Kathleen Carter
  • Without a doubt, this has to be the best tree service that I have ever used. Recently my wife and I needed a tree removed that had been struck by lightening and to also have our large live oak trees trimmed and "manicured". It was easy to give Your Tree Services a five Star rating. The company's owner, Jon, is a hands on person and is a certified arbornist. He surrounds himself with a very capable, professional, clean cut looking crew and has the right equipment to do the job. This company has very fair pricing and their expertise is second to none. I highly recommend this company. My trees look great! This company takes great pride in their work. I look forward to using them in the future.
    Thomas Scott
  • We hired Jon and his crew to trim up our huge oak tree on our corner property. Our one requirement was that we didn't want the tree to look unnatural -- like a "poodle"! Well, Jon's guys knew exactly what we meant, and they went to work trimming and thinning to make our majestic oak look beautiful and natural. Jon, being a certified arborist, also answered our questions about our tree's health and assured us our tree was not in need of further attention. Jon and his crew also ripped out and ground the stumps of a dozen old allamanda bushes that had surrounded our pool screen. They did all of this for an excellent price. It was a pleasure having our own local people working for us, and I highly recommend them.
    Don Cadwallader
  • Jon and his team are PROFESSIONALS. Jon was highly responsive, and within two days after he gave a quote, I had 4 large trees removed along with trimming of large branches that hung over my roof. It was a big job, and they aced it! They cleaned up all the debris as well and left my yard spotless. I've called Jon to return and take more trees. I trust him, the pricing was reasonable, and I would highly recommend them for tree services. They are worth every bit of the 5 star rating 🙂
    julie hathorne
  • I called Your Tree Services to have a large palm removed from my property. Jon gave me a quick and accurate quote. I was pleased when he arrived on time and expertly removed the tree. Jon and his helper removed all the limbs and cuttings from my yard and ground the stump flush with the ground. My yard looked beautiful the moment they finished. I could not have asked for a better experience. I would recommend this company for any tree job you may need.
    Venessa Henderson
  • Great experience! I called Jon to setup an appointment so he could give me a quote. He showed up on time and gave me a quote. We scheduled the job and once again, he and his crew showed up on time. They did an awesome job, cleaned up and left. You wouldn’t even know they were there other than the trees being trimmed. I highly recommend them and if needed I will call Jon! Thank you Jon.
    Dean Levin
  • Your Tree Services (Jon McLaughlin) is fantastic! We interviewed three tree trimming services before choosing Your Tree Services. Well worth the time and effort to find them. Extremely skilled in the art, and science, of arboriculture. The team was incredible to watch. Fast, efficient, very professional and courteous. I would not hesitate to recommend them.
  • I highly recommend Your Tree Services. Jon gave us the best quote by far. They removed one large laurel oak, ground the stump, and trimmed 7 other oaks on our property last spring. Recently, when getting quotes from a few different landscapers for sod, the landscapers commented that the remains of the oak stump might cause a problem. I contacted Jon and left a message, asking if there was any way someone could come back and grind the stump down a bit more. Jon arrived the next morning and did the entire job himself. Excellent customer service!
    E Brown
  • John and his crew were great! We had six huge oak trees removed. On top of that, it was during one of the hottest weeks of the year. The project was so big it took over a week to do. The crew worked so hard and cleaned up our property at the end of every day. These guys know how to get it done. I would highly recommend them.
    Becky Horner
  • Exceptional!. After having three other tree companies come out and give a ridiculous estimate to remove everything, I called Your Tree Service-what a pleasant experience. Jon walked the property with me and identified all of my trees and pointed out what needed to be pruned or might be a consideration for removal. No pressure to remove anything. He is a certified arborist and works with local municipalities as a specialist in tree care. I hired them to perform the work. They showed up on time and went right to work. The men that were doing the work were very personable and professional. This means a lot instead of having a crew of derelicts making a mess and not careful of damaging other property while performing the work. Skillful to say the least, I had several trees that were touching the roof and the pool enclosure—each of these large limbs required removal—Not one bit of damage to the roof or the pool enclosure. Once all the work was completed the property was cleaned and no mess. I would highly recommend these guys. Thank you Jon!
    andy bowman
  • This is the second time that I have used “ Your Tree Services.” Today’s job was much bigger in the scope but done just as well as the last one. John Parsons the estimator was on site to make sure everything was done according to the plan. He’s a great guy to work with! He even managed to grind down the large magnolia tree stump all the way to the original tree bulb so that we can plan something on top. You’d never know that there had even been a tree there All the guys on the team were pleasant and professional. Everything was done exactly as it should be and the cleanup was perfect. They arrived on time and worked all day except for a lunch break. John Mclaughlin, the owner, is very knowledgeable and also great to work with. I highly recommend this company!
    Nicole Gonzalez
  • ***** I recommend them & would use them again. I did not know this company before I choose them. I used Google reviews to make my choice & have not received any sort of discount or gift because I am writing a positive review. Your Tree Service does deserve five stars. I have 3 large oak trees in my yard & in the past 10 yrs have had them pruned a couple of times. May 1st They arrived only 10 min late due to traffic. He reviewed the services to be done. Every crew member was polite, took measures to make sure neither my house nor ground plants would be damaged, & they constantly worked. When finished, they picked up every twig & branch & then raked the area!!!!! I am finicky when it comes to vendors but was impressed with how YourTreeServies manages their business.
    L Sa
  • After having 5 estimates on a 70 ft dead pine tree, I chose “Your Tree Service, llc”. It was a good choice. One of the other estimates was double John’s fair quote, NO KIDDING! literally double, $1,300.00. John’s quote was $650.00. He did a great job, leaving the job site neat, clean and damage free. Having a great tree service to call upon is peace of mind, no one wants to be overcharged which is an issue. I will be calling them again for more work that my property needs.
    clint bowling
  • I can’t say enough great things about this company. I have used them several times and they go above and beyond and their attention to detail is next to none! They know what they’re doing and take all the safety measures seriously. They do a great job cleaning up when their done. They’re professional but friendly. Prices are excellent as well. If you’re looking for an experienced tree company for removing trees or just trimming and thinning stop here because they are all you need. I am a customer for life!!
    jessica gomber
  • I'd highly recommend these guys! This is the only tree company I called that i felt really knew what they were doing, rather than just sending over a sales man. Jon made suggestions as to what limbs needed work for safety reasons and which ones we could leave. He even taught me a thing or two about the trees i have in my yard and what to look out for. If you need tree work done then stop looking for people and just call these guys, you won't regret it.
    Lindsay Widdall
  • They did an excellent job. I was very lucky to find such efficient, hard working and professional men. Their team work was incredible. I will definitely use them again. They are being recommended to everyone I know needing tree work. Thanks guys.
    Mary Maleski
  • We bought a property that needed a lot of work, and we had no idea where to start. Jon came out and gave an honest opinion of all the trees and shrubs on the property. He was extremely knowledgable, professional, and courteous. Our yard is on its way to looking fantastic! We highly recommend his services!
    Matt Werner
  • This was probably the best experience I’ve ever encountered with a service provider. Jon Mclaughlin and his crew from YOUR TREE SERVICES went above and beyond to provide excellent care taking down my huge maple tree in the front of my home. I would refer them without hesitation! Thank you for a job well done!
    Linda Harter
  • These guys did great! Got a referral from some friends and made the call. Guy John came by the next day and gave me a reasonable quote and even sharpened his pencil on it. Two days later his team showed up bright and early, and my trees look great! Thanks again!
    Chris FLYKUX Bevan
  • Very impressed with John and his company. They were quick to call me back and always on time. They did a wonderful job working with my schedule. The clean up afterwards made it look as though they hadn’t even been at my house. I would definitely use them again!
    Brandon Baird
  • YOUR TREE SERVICES gave me a very fair estimate. Jon was very friendly and professional and gave me a written estimate on the spot. I had several limbs removed from two trees just in time before any bad weather. The job was done in a reasonable time and was completely cleaned up afterwards.
    Emy Jeye
  • Absolutely excellent. We had 7 trees and a large Palmetto bush removed after Hurricane Matthew at our home, which we had just purchased, in Palm Coast Florida. We could not have had a better experience. The guys were amazing, in and out in less than 2 days, and the pricing was very fair for what they did. One of the tress was a HUGE Laurel Oak and they took it down like it was nothing. They grinded out every stump, including a huge stump that had fallen during the hurricane, and smoothed and cleaned up everything beautifully. They even removed a large branch that had fallen in our neighbors yard at no additional charge. Highly, highly recommend.
    Mike Yates
  • These guys were great! Worked within our schedule and battled tough weather and tight working room to get the job done. Very professional and I'll be calling them again for any of my tree needs.
    Will Poczekaj
  • Price can't be beat. Prompt services. Had them remove two large oaks from my front yard and 4 1/2 hours later only dirt patches were left. Trees, stumps, rubbish all gone and areas cleaned up. Will definitely recommend them to anyone who needs tree removal. Thanks guys! You did an awesome job.
    Vaughn Thompson
  • This is an incredible crew, organized, professionals, they are always on time, and watch them working is a total experience, I had huge pine trees in my yard, and honestly I never saw any person doing what they did. Additionally they pay attention to your questions and concers incredible company, and. John is a gentleman.
    Victor Ortiz
  • The certified arborist and his crew came out in between rain storms to get the job done,after I thought they were going to have to reschedule.I appreciate them keeping the date and cutting the “dead limbs” to promote the health of the tree leaving enough of the greenery for me to enjoy for years to come.
    Jay Haynes
  • Exceeded my expectations. Cleaned up so well that you wouldn't have even known they were there. This is a very well run company.
    Dennis Best
  • This is a high quality professional tree service. I highly recommend them. Owner is a certified arborist and is very knowledgeable about how to properly do tree service and prices reasonable.
    Tom Redditt
  • I am very pleased with Your Tree Service, here are some before and after pictures. Did a great job at a reasonable price! Highly recommend.
    Jackie Silva
  • THE BEST TREESERVICE EVER!!! Jon is an arborist and excellent at his job. So nice, so polite, on time and efficient. MY YARD AND TREES LOOK BEAUTIFUL
    Sally Dawson
  • Jon and his crew did a great job on our trees at a good price. I will use them again and highly recommend them to others.
    Terry Horvath
  • Great service and excellent price as well. My tree was removed in a short period of time and the whole area was cleaned properly. I would absolutely recommend this company for any tree services... Thank you!
    Eric Bitton
  • Excellent Tree Service very professional . I would recommend them to anyone .if you're looking for a good Tree Service that know what they're doing. Don't look any further you found them I am very pleased with their work and their climbir is excellent
    Michael Parrish
  • These guys are awesome! They're professional and know their stuff. They work quickly and take good care of the property and clean up when they're done.
    Sonya H
  • We hired John to take down 2 Huge pine trees He and his crew are amazibg Fabulous job Professional Kind Cleaned up everything We are very pleased Will refer him to all that I know Thank you John
    Wanda Vaughn
  • Jon is honest and trustworthy. As a widowed female I always worry about being taken advantage of. You have nothing to worry about with this company!
    Rachel Perez
  • I am pretty difficult to impress but these guys came out gave me a bid, set an appointment then came back out did a great job, cleaned up and left. I just don't know what else you could possibly ask for. A++++
    Debrea Dowell
  • These guys do awesome work without the rip off prices compared to other services quotes. In and out quickly. These guys ROCK!!!
    Andy McNutt
  • The estimate was followed d through as promised. They seriously left NOTHING behind. Well worth the money for such a proficient service by very professional hard working men. Thank you!
    Tracy Casselman
  • Well trained, and prefessional. These guys are the best of the best. I'm never going to use a different tree company again 5/5.
    Gage McLaughlin
  • Awesome company. Professional,quality and friendly service. Would highly recommend to any looking for tree services!
    daniel jackson
  • Five star service and lowest prices in town. Highly recommend for any tree work needed.
    Mike Sprysenski
  • Professional, efficient, and well worth the money. My trees have never looked better.
    Allison Hardin
  • Great integrity and sense of responsibility. Excellent, skilled crew.
    Dan Roy
  • Friendly, professional, and superior quality. My trees have never looked better.
    Tiena Hardin
  • You did a great job, fast efficient and affordable. Thanks for the professionalism which you demonstrated.
    National carpet inc
  • Takes pride in his work outstanding crew very professional
    Christopher Olsen
  • Professional, courteous, punctual, competent and not exorbitant.
    Ed Burns
  • Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
    Grant Adams
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