Get to the Root of Your Tree Problem

Schedule a tree risk assessment in Longwood, FL

Many factors can cause a tree to go from a valuable landscape feature to a threat to your property, from storm and root damage to trunk decay caused by disease. Unhealthy trees are more likely to damage your property.

At, LLC, we'll provide a comprehensive tree risk assessment to determine the health and potential harm the tree could cause. Our certified arborist will meet with you to assess your tree and explain any potential problems you could encounter. With our services, you'll have a better understanding of your landscape and the steps you need to take to protect your property from tree damage.

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Don't be responsible for your neighbor's trees

Don't be responsible for your neighbor's trees

A lot of home and business owners don't notice problems with their trees until they come crashing down, causing destruction to the property around them. If your neighbor's trees are leaning into your yard or crowding your home, can provide a written tree risk assessment to present to your insurance company to relieve you of any liability should the tree fall.

During our tree risk assessment, we will look for:

  • Major damage to the trunk and branches
  • Exposed or damaged root systems
  • Visible evidence of rot or disease
  • Proximity to homes and power lines
  • Dangerous shape or tilt of the tree
If you have a potentially dangerous tree threatening your Longwood, FL property, turn to for an accurate tree risk assessment.